I’m just literally so close to deleting my blogs because this site is filled with nothing but a bunch of negative, ignorant children. Every time I log on, I just get pissed off and angry at everything and I can’t even blog just for the hell of it. All I want to do is look at pictures of food and travel photos. It’s always one thing or another. Thinspo, racism, making fun of other people, pretending school doesn’t matter, drugs r kool, and whatever else, It’s just stupid bullshit and a complete waste of time. 

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there is a difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades

I hate this fucking website

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Meg rants


So I just saw someone post a selfie. Beautiful selfie, I’ll admit. Looking at their tags, I noticed that this person called cleft lip a disease.

Out of all of the words to describe it, a disease?!
I’m sorry, I just find that really offensive. It’s not a disease. It’s not as if people with a…

I got fricking pissed too, so no worries. Except I think I’m the only one that said anything to her. I don’t think getting offended by that means you’re overreacting. Names hurt and people born without birth defects don’t understand what it feels like to be made fun of for something they can’t control. I’ve been pushed around and made fun of all my life and I’m not gonna sit back and let someone say shit like “look at my cleft lip” when they raise their upper lip up or make a stupid face. I’ve had so many surgeries and mental barriers I’ve had to overcome and to poke fun at something that so many kids have suffered from isn’t cool and I will NEVER let something like that slide. I let it happen for so many years and I’m not gonna let anyone put me or anyone like me down, because they think it’s cute or funny, ever again. Even if it’s just a stupid selfie on tumblr. Bank on it.

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